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Here at Zenergene, I will help you to make holistic and sustainable lifestyle changes. Over the past 5 years I have made significant changes to my own lifestyle and have lost 40kg. As well as now being a lifestyle coach, I have extensive corporate career experience helping people to learn, grow and be the best version of themselves!

My Story

I have spent most of my life overweight, frustrated, stressed, and endlessly exhausted. If you described my current lifestyle to me five years ago, I would not have believed it. Although I had a vision of how I wanted to look, I could never have imagined feeling, behaving and living as I do now.

As a child and teenager I was always overweight. I was often teased and grew up very aware that I was different to most kids. In my later teenage years I started to discover health and fitness. I learned about healthier food choices and started to pursue different forms of exercise (jogging, gym classes, weights, swimming etc.). Experiencing the positive impact of good nutrition and exercise sparked a lifelong passion in me.  In my last year at high school I got super fit and lost 20kg. I felt awesome. Unfortunately, this weight loss was short lived.

Despite my aspirations to live a healthy and fit life - study, work, alcohol and stress took over and came to play a big part in my life for many years. I kept relatively active and lost weight a couple of times. However, I always regained the weight and was never able to establish consistently healthy routines. Overtime, I gradually gained more and more weight... I spent years stuck in an “all or nothing” approach to diet and exercise.

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Around 2012/2013, at 27 years old I hit my rock bottom. On the surface, my life was good; I had an amazing job, I was engaged (and wedding planning!) and living a fun lifestyle – wining and dining, partying and travelling the world!! But beneath the surface, it was a different story.

I was broken, exhausted and had lost confidence in myself. I was gaining weight rapidly and suffered from insomnia, depression and anxiety. My resting heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar were all heading in the wrong direction. I was drinking heavily (in part to cope with pain and stress). My petite frame was starting to suffer – my knees hurt, my feet/ankles would swell in the summer and I couldn’t walk up a hill without dripping in sweat. I was wearing size 18 clothing. I felt out of control in all aspects of my life – my weight, health, relationships and work. I was stuck.

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Jade Osborne Weight Loss
Jade Osborne Lifestyle Coach


I offer a mix of Lifestyle Coaching, Lifestyle Support and Personal Training services and utilise a platform called ProCoach to support my clients. My services are flexible and customized to meet your goals, challenges and budget. I offer three levels of support, starting from as little as $10 per week. Click here to learn more.

Lifestyle Change & Personal Development

  • Clarify and set personal vision, values, priorities and goals
  • Create / embed daily habits and practices
  • Develop a mindset that supports holistic wellbeing and sustainable weight loss
  • Career / professional / personal development

Nutrition & Weight Loss

  • Understand the basics of nutrition for wellbeing and weight loss
  • Build knowledge, skill and confidence in meal planning and preparation, supermarket shopping, reading food labels, eating out and adapting food choices
  • Cook and eat in a way that is enjoyable, adaptable and sustainable over the long run


  • Understand key principles of exercise to support specific goals
  • Set up and review exercise routines that suit you
  • In - Home Personal Training sessions


Bespoke Workshops

I design, develop and deliver a range of workshops to meet the needs to different organisations and community groups on topics such as lifestyle change, weight loss, mindset and wellbeing.

Community Workshops (Free)

Free weight loss and mindset workshops focused on topics such as weight loss, healthy diet, stress, sleep, meal planning and family fitness. These classes help you cultivate the mindset to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

The Slow Burn (Weight Loss Porgramme)

An intensive weekend-long weight loss course focused on building the knowledge, mindset and belief needed for sustainable weight loss. Supported by comprehensive coaching sessions, learning materials before and after the workshop for up to 12 months.

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How do you think and act when you feel you're doing the right work, but not experiencing obvious short term results? Previously, it was during these times I would struggle. Instead of patiently trusting the process and believing that “I’ve got this” I would start to self-sabotage.

These days I have developed new ways of thinking that I focus on. Here are a few of them:

* Be kind and patient with yourself – you know change takes time. Ride it out.
* You’re doing what you believe is the right stuff and you know your stuff. Stick with it.
* Most change will occur below the surface – you can’t see it now but you will reap the benefits later.
* Your goal / desired outcome / project is big and requires “hard work”. You can’t expect overnight results. It will be worth seeing it through.
* Focus on the big picture – you have time to be patient! If you’re truly not seeing results in a few weeks, then change things up.
* What is the worst thing that can happen if you keep doing this? (Often the risk of continuing is far less than we think).

Through this thinking and a few “conscious leaps of faith”, I’ve built a greater ability to trust the process and believe that I’m on track. Trust my gut, trust my knowledge, trust I know my stuff, and then have faith this will lead to positive outcomes eventually. Having faith in yourself takes conscious practice. It can be uncomfortable to start with but over time it becomes easier and more natural.

Check out my latest blog (trust the process & have faith in yourself) to keep reading.

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