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What is Zenergene about?

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Zenergene is a health and wellbeing company created to help people to establish the knowledge, mindset and belief they need to take action and live the life they want. Here at Zenergene, I (Jade) will help you to make holistic and sustainable lifestyle changes. I will work with you around your individual lifestyle goals with a core focus on empowering you to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Programmes & Services

  • Coaching: I offer a mix of Lifestyle Coaching, Lifestyle Support and Personal Training options which are flexible and customized to meet your goals, challenges and budget. I focus on lifestyle change, personal development, weight loss, nutrition and fitness.
  • Bespoke Workshops: I design, develop and deliver a range of bespoke workshops to meet the needs to different organisations and groups on topics such as lifestyle change, weight loss, mindset and wellbeing.
  • Community Workshops: Free weight loss and workshops focused on topics such as weight loss, healthy diet, stress, sleep, meal planning and family fitness. These classes help you cultivate the mindset to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Philosophy

I will help you make lifestyle changes as determined by you... Zenergene is not a diet programme!! – I will not tell you exactly what to eat and how to live! No generic meal plans or supplements are involved and I don’t advocate specific food elimination etc.  Instead, I aim to empower you with knowledge, resources and tools to make changes that suit your life.

My Weight Loss Philosophy can be summarised as:

  • Understand evidence-based principles (around nutrition, exercise, neuroscience etc.) and then apply them in a way that suits your lifestyle.
  • There is no one best way to lose weight…in fact there are many ways to lose weight, maintain weight and gain weight! and what works for one person may not work for someone else...
  • We are all unique! We have each been shaped by our individual life experiences and ‘stories’ and will therefore have our own needs, preferences and goals – that is completely fine!
  • There is no quick fix or magic pill for weight loss – healthy weight loss and sustainable change is about slowly changing patterns of behavior and habits.
  • You are the best expert of you – nobody else has direct inner experience walking in your shoes. Learn to understand and respect what works well for you.
  • Be open minded and try new things – stay open to learning, challenge yourself and constantly grow your knowledge and perspective.
Jade Osborne Coaching
Jade Osborne Lifestyle Coach

These values are at the heart of my approach to supporting you:

  • Compassion – for self and others
  • Learning – lifelong learning and growth mindset
  • Authenticity – to be your truest self
  • Patience – good things take time!

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