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Looking for motivation? Tip: TAKE ACTION.

Do something that is going to lead you towards your goal and the changes you want to make. E.g. Going to the gym, going for a walk, getting to bed earlier, cooking a healthy meal or spending time with a friend.

Don’t wait to “get motivated” before making change in your life or starting something big. WHY? Because the act of achieving something (no matter how small) generally inspires a sense of motivation and confidence within us, not the other way around!

I used to spend a lot of time trying to motivate myself to achieve goals through visualising / thinking / planning and searching for external sources of inspiration. It was like I believed there was some kind of “magic motivation switch” that needed to be turned on before I could get started. My goal setting, endless plans and Pinterest boards were awesome…but my actual results were not so awesome!

Over the past few years I have shifted this thinking. I started to notice how the act of actually doing something lead me to “feel motivated” and created a sense of momentum around what I was trying to do. So I have focused more on breaking down goals into many small steps or habits and then doing something towards this each day.

There are some days I feel less energized or inspired than other days…but I don’t dwell on motivation. I just get on with it and focus on taking small actions, knowing that I will likely feel more motivated afterwards!


Jade Osborne | Lifestyle Coach

@zenergene @jadeivana1

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