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The Fear of Success

In the past when I thought about change I often feared failure. More recently I’ve had the insight that often what I actually fear more is success. Why? Firstly, succeeding requires me to be different. Secondly, succeeding requires me to step into an unknown future. Three mindset shifts have helped me through this fear:
1. Acknowledge change and sacrifice
2. Acknowledge unease and ambiguity
3. Hold gratitude for the choices you have

Transform your life through small habits

When it comes to creating personal change we often focus on strengthening our vision, setting specific goals, increasing our motivation and exercising willpower. These are all important elements of change, however, most of our daily behaviours and outcomes are driven by our regular habits. Our habits are essentially the small decisions, actions, practices and routines we do everyday. Our habits express who we are and the kind of life we live.

Jade Osborne Weight Loss Coach

My Gym Journey

Lifting weights at the gym is my happy place. My time out. My meditation. My space for trying new things and growing a little stronger each day – mind, body and soul. But it hasn’t always been like that. At various points the gym has been an intimidating and uncomfortable place. This is my gym journey…

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