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Bespoke Workshops

I design, develop and deliver a range of workshops and programmes to meet the needs to different organisations and community groups on topics such as lifestyle change, weight loss, mindset and wellbeing. I will work with you to understand you group's specific needs and both design and facilitate suitable content.



Please contact me to discuss how I could support your organisation's needs.

Upcoming Community & Public Workshops


Mindset for Wellbeing & Weight loss

14 August 2019

Selwynn Community Education

Selwyn College, 203 - 245 Kohimarama Road, Kohimarama


SummerFit - 8 Week Challenge (Starts 8th of July 2019)

LES MILLS HOWICK: 100 Whitford Rd, Somerville, Auckland 2014

Are you sick of following boring low-carlorie meal plans and standard gym programmes that you don't enjoy? Are you sick of losing and gaining the same few kilo's over and over? Are you ready to make REAL lifelong change?⁣

I’ve teamed up with some incredible trainers to bring you an 8 Week Challenge with PERSONALISED COACHING and one on one nutrition and personal training sessions. This involves understanding and tailoring plans to YOU and supporting you towards the results you want! Importantly, we'll help you understand the process and create life long habits to change your entire lifestyle! ⁣

We don’t want you to have to keep doing challenge after challenge and then rebounding. We want to set you up with the tools you need to maintain your goals after you reach them. ⁣This is so much more than weight loss or getting in shape for summer. It’s about overall health, well-being, personal development and shifting mindsets. It's about you loving yourself form then inside out and living your best life!⁣

Message me for more details or to join #summerfit 8 Week Challenge! Spots are limited 💕🙌🏽

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