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Eat Vegetables! (and lose weight)

Vegetables are good for you 🙂 They’re rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. A diet with plenty of vegetables is key to good health. You probably already know this! But do you truly appreciate how helpful vegetables are when trying to lose weight?

How…. Vegetables fill you up…

Non-starchy vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum, leafy greens, mushrooms, onions, cucumber, celery and cabbage) have a low energy density and high water content. In other words, vegetables provide ‘volume’ in your stomach with relatively few calories. This helps you reduce your overall calorie intake, therefore supporting weight loss.

Aim to make vegetables the base of each meal as opposed to a side dish or afterthought! I make vegetables and protein (with naturally occurring fats) the starting point when thinking about what I am going eat.  I personally love Precision Nutrition’s My Plate Guidelines.

Ideas for increasing your vegetable intake:

  • Make half of your meal/plate vegetables, and start eating them first
  • Snack on vegetables! I eat cut up vegetables as an afternoon snack (such as carrot, cucumber, capsicum, radishes, raw beetroot or celery).
  • Eat vegetables with breakfast:
    • Add to an omelete/frittata or stir fry with another protein source
    • Eat leftover vegetables and protein from dinner/lunch!
    • Mix vegetables with oatmeal and eggs and bake in microwave
    • Add vegetables & protein to a breakfast soup or to some kind of ‘breakfast sandwich’
  • Use vegetables as a substitute. E.g. Cauliflower makes an amazing mash/meal base
  • Order a side of greens or salad when eating out
  • Add vegetables to a smoothie

Not so keen on vegetables? Click here for ideas on making your veges more appealing.

Please comment below or email me with other great ideas you have for increasing vegetable intake!


Jade Osborne | Lifestyle Coach

@zenergene @jadeivana1

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