Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are Zenergene’s programmes suited to?

    I generally work with everyday women and men wanting to make long term changes to their overall health and wellbeing. I don’t tend to work with athletes with specific competition related goals – however I’m happy to chat to anyone and see how I may help! You may have a goal of getting into the best shape of your life or you could be wanting to improve your energy, mobility, mindset and quality of life. All goals are welcome! Click here to learn more.

  • Do your programmes follow a particular diet philosophy?

    No. Well, not really…My weight loss philosophy is ‘diet agnostic’. I will not tell you exactly what to eat and how to live! Instead I will focus on helping you make holistic and sustainable lifestyle changes as determined by you. That being said, I encourage nutritional principles such as increasing vegetable intake, eating varied protein and fat sources and aiming to eat a diet that is largely based on natural unprocessed foods.   

  • Will your programme give me a specific meal plan or weight loss diet to follow?

    No…I don’t believe in giving people ‘cookie cutter’ meal plans or diets to follow. Instead, I will equip you with the knowledge, resources and mindset to easily plan, prepare and enjoy meals that meet your goals, preferences and lifestyle.

  • I am vegan (or vegetarian) – can I still join one of your Programmes?

    Yes. My weight loss philosophy is ‘diet agnostic’. I will not tell you exactly what to eat and how to live! Instead I will focus on helping you make holistic and sustainable lifestyle changes as determined by you. All Zenergene’s programmes, resources and approach can factor in a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

  • I am really busy. Do your programmes take much time?

    Yes and No…. You can invest as much or as little time as you like. However, getting the most out of your investment does require some commitment and effort. If you are concerned about being too busy, please chat to me about this. As a lifestyle coach, I will work with you to help you examine how you use and prioritise your time effectively. To help you get started, I will meet you where you are at: i.e. what is it that you are ready, willing and able to do today? From here, I will help you make small changes that require very little time and effort but will add up over time.

  • My life is hectic right now - should I wait until timing is better before enrolling in one of your programmes?

    Perhaps…Your current life circumstances may mean it is better to wait. But normally the best time to start is now. If you keep waiting for the perfect time, you will probably be waiting forever!!! Zenergene’s approach is about moving away from the “all or nothing” mentality (e.g., “I need to be fully ‘on’ my perfect diet/exercise regime otherwise I have failed…”) towards making small changes and then doing those things consistently well.

  • Which programme will best suit my needs?

    Each programme has a different focus, level of support and approach. You can find out more detail related to each of our core programmes in the following links: The Slow Burn, Online Weight Loss Support, Lifestyle Coaching and In-Home Lifestyle Support. The most in-depth programme is ‘The Slow Burn’. If you would like comprehensive support to establish the knowledge, skills, mindset and belief needed to sustainably lose weight then this programme is recommended. Please contact me if you would like to discuss which programme is best suited to you.

  • Can I enroll in more than one programme at the same time?

    Yes - to accelerate your goals, you may want to enroll into multiple programmes. Programmes are stand-alone but have also been designed to complement each other*. The following combinations work well together:

    • The Slow Burn + In – Home Lifestyle Support
    • The Slow Burn + Lifestyle Coaching
    • Online Weight Loss Support + Lifestyle Coaching
    • Online Weight Loss Support + In - Home Support
    • Lifestyle Coaching + In - Home Lifestyle Support
    • Online Weight Loss Support + Lifestyle Coaching + In - Home Lifestyle Support

    *Note: Our Online Weight Loss Support programme (including ProCoach access) is already incorporated into our Slow Burn programme and therefore you should not enroll in both programmes simultaneously.

  • What is the different between Lifestyle Coaching and In-Home Lifestyle Support?

    Our Lifestyle Coaching and In-Home Lifestyle Support are both aimed at helping you work towards your lifestyle goals, though from different perspectives. Lifestyle Coaching is highly conversational, reflective and focuses on exploring challenges that are important to you (normally centred around shifting behaviours, mindset and self-belief).

    Our In-home lifestyle support package is more ‘hands-on’ and provides guidance to help you build up knowledge and skills that support your lifestyle goals. This could include practical support around meal preparation, exercising at home, supermarket shopping, goal setting, time management and weekly planning.

  • I understand that the Slow Burn involves a weekend group workshop – do I need to share information about myself?

    This Slow Burn workshop is delivered in a group setting and is highly interactive. Ideally, you will feel comfortable sharing your goals and experiences with others. I am an experienced facilitator and will take care to build a trusting, confidential and supportive environment. Of course you do not need to share specific things you are not comfortable to discuss. If you have any concerns, please chat to me about them before the weekend workshop – I want to ensure that everyone gets the most out of this time!

  • I have just enrolled in The Slow Burn. The workshop is in 6 weeks time - can I get started today?

    Yes. Absolutely! Within two days of enrolling you will be added to ProCoach and asked to complete an initial questionnaire. Your daily habits and lessons will commence the following Monday in ProCoach. Additionally, I will make contact with you to discuss your goals and organise a pre-workshop coaching session. Prior to attending the workshop, you will be provided with learning materials to read and watch.

  • I am currently injured – can I still attend one of your programmes?

    Yes. Whilst Zenergene’s programmes encourage regular exercise and movement as part of a healthy lifestyle, carrying out specific exercise is not necessary. I will focus on working with you in your current circumstances and preferences to meet your lifestyle goals.

  • What is ProCoach?

    As part of the Online Weight Loss Support programme and The Slow Burn programme, I use a software called ProCoach. Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach is a world - class, habit based nutrition coaching platform. As part of the ProCoach experience you receive daily habits to complete, weight loss tips, learning assignments and progress check-ins. It is an easy-to-use cloud-based system that truly supports a holistic weight loss journey.

  • What is Coaching and what is Jade’s role as a Coach and Facilitator?

    Coaching is a highly collaborative process, centred on a Coach asking open questions to explore topics that are important to you (the Coachee/Client). My lifestyle coaching practice focuses on helping you identify specific areas that you would like to change or strengthen in your life. I will then help you to break these down into habit-based practices. My role and relationship with you during Zenegene’s programmes, will primarily be as a Coach and Facilitator drawing on my general business, professional and coaching expertise and experience.

    From time to time (depending on the specific programme or if requested by you) I will provide more specific coaching, advice and guidance related to nutrition and exercise within the scope of my knowledge and competencies as a New Zealand REPS Registered Exercise Professional and Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach. Please note that I am not a licensed or registered medical professional or dietician. If I believe it is in your best interest to see another health professional I will refer you appropriately. To learn more about my background and qualifications please see my Coaching Biography.