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You’ve heard you could lose weight by making small changes. Someone suggested an extra 15 minutes of walking per day, or drinking more water.

But you want to lose weight quickly! How could such a small change possibly make a difference? You believe you need to make big changes, and right now  you’re not ready for that. There are too many other things happening in your life. However, next week will be different. It will be the week everything changes.

So today you’re going to do nothing. Or worse, you’re going to eat everything and anything you want in anticipation of the diet restrictions awaiting you.

Next week, you’ll completely overhaul your diet to fast-track your weight loss. You’ll  exercise intensely every day. You’ll rally all the willpower and motivation you have to start again, and you’ll be stronger this time. Does this sound familiar?

Do you think you need to make big and hard changes in order to lose weight? Are you that ‘all or nothing’ person who is either all on or all off a diet?

The reality is this: next week you are still going to be you, and your life circumstances will likely be very similar.

So why wait? Why not start now? And why rush something that is going to take time and patience? Focus on making one small change that feels relatively easy and that’s within your control. Choose something you know you can achieve!

Here are some ideas (just start with one):

  • Go for a short walk during your lunch break each day
  • Planning to see a friend? Organise to catch up over a walk
  • Go to bed 15 minutes earlier (sleep quality supports weight loss)
  • Increase your water intake
  • Swap juice / soda for water or herbal tea
  • Add extra vegetables to at least one meal per day
  • Add extra protein to your breakfast
  • Cook a healthy meal and freeze extras for later in the week
  • Go supermarket shopping so you have fresh food at home
  • Prepare healthy snack options for the next couple of days
  • Eliminate (or reduce) sugar added to tea or coffee
  • Get your exercise clothes ready for tomorrow and plan when you will exercise
  • Get up right now and go for a 10-minute walk or tidy the house!

If you make a small change that feels easy (or easy-ish) you are far more likely to stick with it. If you consistently practice this change, it will turn into a habit. The great thing about habits is that they don’t require willpower – they are the things you just do automatically!

Once a new habit has become automatic then you can add another new habit. And then another, and so on. Focusing on habit-based change allows you to make a big change or ‘transformation’ over the long term through a series of small changes. Awesome!

So don’t wait for tomorrow or Monday or the perfect time – the perfect time to make changes never comes.

Start now: What is one small easy change you can make today?



Jade Osborne | Lifestyle Coach

@zenergene @jadeivana1

3 thoughts on “Make one small change to lose weight”

  1. So true! Make small changes is the secret to long-term success! I’ve slowly transformed my life making small changes, losing over 230 pounds. Without the initial decision to make those small steps, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

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