Online Weight Loss Support

This programme provides you with support, accountability and practical resources that help you learn how to lose weight, establish new habits, improve wellbeing and maintain long term weight loss. This Programme includes:

  • 3 months OR 6 months access to ProCoach
  • Ongoing online interaction/support with Jade via ProCoach (and/or email)
  • Optional monthly coaching check-ins with Jade (online using Zoom) or other agreed support

In addition to providing extensive support around Nutrition, you can also choose to receive (at no additional cost) a well balanced exercise plan to suit your lifestyle and preferences (e.g. exercise at home or gym). Each workout provides alternative options and comes with clear video demonstrations.

"Jade @ Zenergene has so far coached me through 8-9 weeks of Precision Nutrition's online platform Procoach and I'm already a fan. Jade is professional yet personal, kind and funny, non-judgemental and really makes her clients feel at ease no matter what weight or fitness state they're in. You can be completely honest and celebrate small successes and positive changes together. I've gone from exercising 1-2 x week to exercising 5-6 x week thanks to Jade via Procoach. I've also learnt some great nutrition habits to implement on a daily basis and am keen to learn more. Jade is the real deal - supportive, knowledgeable, committed and genuine. Whatever your goal, she's there to help." (Sundeia Lomberg, Hastings, NZ)


About Precision Nutrition & ProCoach

Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition (PN) is a renowned nutrition coaching organisation, backed by a team of doctors, exercise specialists, naturopaths, dieticians, nutritionists and counsellors. PN has an extensive global presence with their research programs, professional education courses, and personal coaching reaching hundreds of thousands of people in 100+ countries.

You can learn more about Precision Nutrition and their approach to nutrition and coaching here.


Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach is a world – class, habit-based nutrition coaching platform. As part of the ProCoach experience you will receive daily habits to complete, learning assignments, weight loss tips and progress check-ins. It is an easy-to-use online system that truly supports a holistic weight loss journey. Click here to watch a video on ProCoach.

Precision Nutrition’s approach to life, coaching and nutrition is evidence-based, sustainable and inspiring! PN is very much aligned to Zenergene’s purpose and my style as a coach.


NZD $250 (3 months)

NZD $400 (6 months)

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