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The Slow Burn


The ‘Slow Burn’ Weight Loss Programme helps you to:

  • Establish the knowledge, skills, mindset and belief needed to sustainably lose weight and maintain weight over the long term
  • Improve your overall wellbeing and lifestyle
  • Develop skills that will allow you to live a life aligned to your unique values, priorities and goals

Who is this weight loss programme for?

  • The Slow Burn is suitable for anyone wanting to make holistic changes to their life and lose weight in a sustainable manner. This is not a ‘quick fix’ body transformation programme or diet plan and has been designed specifically for people wanting to make long term change to their overall health and wellbeing.
  • ‘Slow Burn’ is not a diet programme – I will not tell you exactly what to eat and how to live! Instead, I aim to empower you with knowledge, resources and tools to be independently successful. My starting point is that each individual is unique, with their own goals, preferences and past experiences. Hence, The Slow Burn focuses on helping you develop and make change aligned to your unique circumstances and goals.


  • This programme is centered around an intensive two-day weekend workshop. It is supported by comprehensive learning materials and coaching sessions prior to and post the course.
  • The coaching and learning experience is supported by a world class nutritional coaching support platform (Precision Nutrition ProCoach) which you will have 12 months of access to. You will also be invited to our supportive Facebook community group after the weekend workshop.
  • This programme is delivered in a group setting and is highly interactive. Ideally, you will feel comfortable sharing your goals and experiences with others. All effort is taken to build a trusting, confidential and supportive environment and of course you do not need to share specific things if you are not comfortable to do so.   

Jade Osborne Lifestyle Coach

What does this programme cover? During this programme, you will build understanding of and develop skills in the following areas:


  • Understanding the ‘big picture’ of weight loss and the relationship between: diet, nutrition, wellbeing, weight, exercise, stress, sleep, illness, hormones, brain and gut function, emotions, mindfulness and environment.
  • Nutritional needs including ‘energy balance’ and macro and micro nutrients.
  • The ‘social role of food’ and healthy eating as a lifestyle.
  • Making everyday food choices: portion sizes, meal planning, supermarket shopping, reading food labels, eating out, avoiding marketing/diet traps, meal preparation.
  • The science of weight loss: understand what is going to have the greatest impact on your weight-loss based on your starting point.
  • Understand the foundations of exercise science and the role of movement, rest, sleep and recovery.
  • Understanding of different types of exercise and learn how to make adaptations based on your lifestyle. 


  • Setting a clear vision and ‘Why’ for yourself.
  • Staying grounded in your values and priorities.
  • Leveraging your preferences, strengths and unique abilities.
  • Cultivating self-belief, confidence and faith.


  • Taking ownership of your weight loss and weight maintenance journey.
  • Recognising and changing your mental models (values, beliefs and assumptions), environmental triggers and your response. Addressing challenges and setbacks.
  • The power of habit-based change for weight loss (and understanding the limitations of willpower and motivation).
  • Learning to support yourself (and others) with compassion and patience.


  • Assessing past, present and future strategies and actions.
  • Effective goal setting for long term weight loss.
  • Assessing readiness and applying the hierarchy of importance.
  • Setting up habits and practices.
  • Embedding habit-based change. 
  • Build resilience

The Slow Burn: Programme Format

Auckland Nutrition Course

"Weekend Workshop Only" Option:

  • If you are not ready to sign up to the full Slow Burn Programme, there is an option available to sign up for the "Weekend Workshop Only Option". With this option you will have the full benefit of attending the weekend workshop and receiving all relevant materials and resources, along with 3 months of access to ProCoach. You can then sign up for further Coaching and support at a later date if you choose to.

Upcoming Dates:

  •   2020 Dates: TO BE CONFIRMED
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